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GAG: Members Experiences

  • Welix Family House

    We are proud to be associated with the Goodwill Ambassador Global. Now we have our dream house a reality! No more rents and house transfers.

    Mrs. Julia Welix


  • Ecommerce Beneficiary

    I have made use of several ecommerce packages such as Shopify, but the financial burden outways the income, my membership to GAG has improved my sales over a 100% and the best part is that it is - FREE !

    Andrew Mores

    South Africa

  • Mrs. Cloer New Car

    I have driven several cars in my life: office cars, loan cars and relatives cars but this is my first gift car. No obligations, No loan to pay, No rules ! Its fun and my lovely daughters loves this car - Thanks GAG !

    Rosalind Cloer


  • The GAG Network

    Since I was introduced to GAG by Thomas, I have made more residual income than i expected and even more connections to different people all over the world. My team members are super good. I Love my team and I love GAG.

    Reuben Bublitz


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