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  • Charity Project

    Like 'Erich Fromm' rightly said "Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much.” We are blessed in order to be a blessing.
    A Goodwill Ambassador is a person who advocates for a specific cause on the basis of their notability. Goodwill Ambassadors generally deliver goodwill or promote ideals from one entity to another.
    We don't only empower people to succeed in life, we empower people to succeed and touch humanity. This can be achieved by your generous contribution to humanity, rendering goodwill to the needy and alleviating poverty.
    After successfully completing each Ambassador stage with your team, and you all are now qualified, you and your team will embark on a charity project which will be fully sponsored by the company. This charity project is what qualifies you to become a certified Global Goodwill Ambassador.

    Rewarding selfless service to humanity and distinguishing extraordinary men and women of integrity.


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    GAG: Members Experiences

    • Welix Family House

      We are proud to be associated with the Goodwill Ambassador Global. Now we have our dream house a reality! No more rents and house transfers.

      Mrs. Julia Welix


    • Ecommerce Beneficiary

      I have made use of several ecommerce packages such as Shopify, but the financial burden outways the income, my membership to GAG has improved my sales over a 100% and the best part is that it is - FREE !

      Andrew Mores

      South Africa

    • Mrs. Cloer New Car

      I have driven several cars in my life: office cars, loan cars and relatives cars but this is my first gift car. No obligations, No loan to pay, No rules ! Its fun and my lovely daughters loves this car - Thanks GAG !

      Rosalind Cloer


    • The GAG Network

      Since I was introduced to GAG by Thomas, I have made more residual income than i expected and even more connections to different people all over the world. My team members are super good. I Love my team and I love GAG.

      Reuben Bublitz


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