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1. Why should I choose Goodwill Ambassadors Global

The Goodwill Ambassadors Global allows an individual to create a second stream of income or multiple streams of income. Network Marketing can generate a residual income that a regular job cannot. The Network Marketing business will allow you to work at your own pace and schedule. You will have total control of your time, you can make the amount of money you desire, and create a lifestyle of your dream. You are your own boss.

2. Isn’t network marketing a pyramid or scam?

We know pyramid schemes are illegal. Pyramid schemes are people who make money from signing up other people, where no products or services are sold by the company and promise 200% profit in a short time. Goodwill Ambassadors Global render services such as, leveraging, human development and empowerment. A legitimate network marketing company provides its associates an equal opportunity to succeed and make more money than his or her sponsor or people joined before them, and become the top income earner.

3. Do people make money in network marketing business?

The answer is "YES". Network Marketing is a business, just like any other franchise business such as McDonald, Subway, etc., except in network marketing your startup cost is only less than a hundred dollars compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars or even a million dollars like McDonald. Your risk is manageable. In order to make money, you have to treat it like a business and work at it every day or any opportunity you have. You do have to spend some consistent time to build a residual income. Any distributor makes money when products or services are sold within the network. Therefore it is wise to build a network of associates. Goodwill Ambassadors Global provide supports and training that will help you succeed. But one of the most important help is from your sponsor, your team and your leaders, working with the right sponsor, team and leaders are very important to your success in this business.

4. Do I have to sell anything?

NO! You don't sell any product but you introduce people to become members of the company. If you think you may be shy or not good in speaking, not to worry, there is a reason it is network. You do not have to be the best orator to be successful here. Network marketing is about sharing information and connecting with people. You can share information from your personal experiences with the services you are involving, and leverage the network’s connection to expand your business. In fact, you have been doing it every day. Do you remember the last time you watched a movie or went to a restaurant and shopped at a department store? You like what you watched, ate or saw. When you met with your friends or happened to be a similar subject came up, you started sharing those information with them? All these years you have been promoting and sharing other people’s business. Except this time you will be compensated with a commission check. You build the network marketing business with the people who have the same interest on the services, lifestyles or financial benefits as you.

5. Who should I talk to about Goodwill Ambassadors Global

This is a life-changing opportunity and will eventually generate sufficient income to allow you to achieve financial independence and enjoy a lifestyle you can only dream of. You can share the business with anyone you can think of if they have a need for the services or the financial reward the company is offering. There is no limit on who you can share the business with. You can share it with your friends and family, social media friends, and oversea friends, anytime, anywhere, and everywhere.

6. Do I have to put in a lot of time?

No! Most people start network marketing business on a part time basis. If you have only 2-5 hours a week to put in, then start with that. You can also set a target on what you want to make and work that into your schedule. But if you want to generate a steady stream of income that will replace your regular job income, you will need to spend more time and effort. The benefit of network marketing business is, once your system is in place, you could spend less time but generate more income. Your reward is multiplied.

7. Do I have to spend a lot of money to get started?

No! Goodwill Ambassadors Global does not require you to put in a lot of money to get started. All you need to register and obtain a startup kit is a onetime fee of $40.

8. Do I have to pay any other money monthly.

No. You will only have to pay a one time registration fee of $40 and that's all you will ever be required to pay. Except in the case, you close your account and then decide to start again, then you will be required to register again.

9.Why are the stages so much (stage 1 to 10)?

Goodwill Ambassadors Global is an organization that has integrity and also transparent and have the goodwill of its members. For this reason we do not tell you what cannot be achieved all in the name to lure you to becoming a member. Instead we choose to be open and leave you with the choice of accepting what is true and real. Other MLM companies tell you you can get a car in stage 3, but after you register that becomes an impossible task. Because for you to get a car in stage 3 in those MLM companies you have to have more than 6 accounts and run the system more than five times over and over again. But goodwill Ambassadors Global are honest and have openly spelt out all you need to do to get a car. With no intentions of cajoling you to become a member.

10.How long will it take for me to get the gift bonus and a car?

We make things easier for our members that is why we are in Partnership deal with Hyundai and Toyota Motors Worldwide, for comfort and accessibility you will have you car delivered to you 3 weeks at the end of stage 6 for a regular car or at the end of stage 10 for a Jeep.

11.Is the stage attainable in 3 months?

Definitely! We can assure you that if you bring two people who are serious and they do the same thing you did by filling their matrix, Ambassador Stage is achievable in far less than 3 months. As you are on the track to achieving your Ambassador Stage do not forget that you receive numerous payments and bonus along the way.

12.How can I be successful in building a network?

Goodwill Ambassadors Global established the 5 Golden Rules to answer this question. I strongly believe they are the most important criteria for your success because it works for us. It requires a perfect combination of the right elements to ensure your success in network marketing business.

Golden Rule #1: Company
Goodwill Ambassadors Global is a prestigious company that has been in existence for a decade and recognized by the United Nations.
Golden Rule #2: Services
Goodwill Ambassadors Global, render services that are designed to enrich and uplift their members and the society at large.

Golden Rule #3: Compensation Plan
Goodwill Ambassadors Global have come up with a Unique Lucrative Compensation Plan and Ecommerce system that will help you gain your financial freedom and achieve your dreams in a very short time. Our compensation plan is a transparent, user friendly network system, perfectly planned and organized to make business more enjoyable.

Golden Rule #4: Team and You
Goodwill Ambassadors Global, believe that together we can achieve greater results and with the unique matrix plan that has been designed its impossible to work alone or earn alone. You work and earn commissions based on team work.

Golden Rule #5: Timing and Trend
The time to begin is right now. Goodwill Ambassadors is one of the 21st Century Networking Business with high flying success rate and testimonies. Just as the name implies Goodwill Ambassadors Global is a true representative of goodwill to humanity. So why don't you join the trend and become a Goodwill Ambassador today, so that you too can turn your life around and also touch the lives of those around you. Welcome on board!

GAG: Members Experiences

  • Welix Family House

    We are proud to be associated with the Goodwill Ambassador Global. Now we have our dream house a reality! No more rents and house transfers.

    Mrs. Julia Welix


  • Ecommerce Beneficiary

    I have made use of several ecommerce packages such as Shopify, but the financial burden outways the income, my membership to GAG has improved my sales over a 100% and the best part is that it is - FREE !

    Andrew Mores

    South Africa

  • Mrs. Cloer New Car

    I have driven several cars in my life: office cars, loan cars and relatives cars but this is my first gift car. No obligations, No loan to pay, No rules ! Its fun and my lovely daughters loves this car - Thanks GAG !

    Rosalind Cloer


  • The GAG Network

    Since I was introduced to GAG by Thomas, I have made more residual income than i expected and even more connections to different people all over the world. My team members are super good. I Love my team and I love GAG.

    Reuben Bublitz


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