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Goodwill Ambassadors - Connecting Globally to Empower and Develop the 21st Century Entrepreneurs for Success | Global Network - Developing a Global Network of Entrepreneurs through our support Network | E-commerce - Promoting Artisans in the Global Market through our online store | Charity - Helping the needy in our community !

Goodwill Ambassadors Global Investment

Artisan Goodwill Ambassadors Global invests its pool of sourced funds and investments from its members in Ecommerce and the promotion of sales of local crafts, artisans and other SMEs work online. Goodwill Ambassadors Global helps artisans leverage on the web to promote and sell their work. A desirable tool for increasing sales both at home and abroad. Artisans can be an important contributor to a country's economy, employing artisans that are preserving cultural heritage, while generating an important source of income through the informal sector. The Ecommerce industry provides an important export market for a host of craft products. For example, hotels and restaurants demand diverse craft products in order to furnish and equip their establishments. Online tourists often set a budget for themselves expecting to buy different products which are shipped to them at their convenience. If you are an artisan who needs practical support to kick start and grow your international online sales, then Goodwill Ambassadors Global is for you. It has packaged carefully and specifically designed an international Ecommerce and digital marketing platform with specialists to help artisans, win international business online, as well as develop your digital skills and knowledge to weave into them the road map to success.

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We invest in SMEs and Artisans | We invest in Ecommerce - We share our Profits | We promote Charity

Goodwill Ambassadors Global renders help and amazing services that touches and empowers lives of members and non-members (less privilege, widow, orphanage homes and the needy). We believe in helping people to live a better lifestyle, get out of poverty, lack and want. As an organization, we believe in our members and we like to affect lives of others through them, since they are closer to the people around them. It is required of our members to recommend people (the needy, widows, Helpless) for empowerment. By so doing, they become our help partner.




Why Join Us: GAG

GAG: How You Benefit

Residual Income

Referral Bonus (The Power of 2)

Matrix Bonus

Stage Bonus

Matching Bonus

Travels (All expense paid trip)

Startup Capital for Artisans and entrepreneur.


Incentives / Gift Rewards

Charity Project

Shopping Rewards from our Ambassadors Online Store. We give special discount and attractive packages to members who shop from our online stores. We offer 10% discount on every member purchase with username or ID number.

GAG: Compensation Plan

Stage 1 - Ambassador

Stage 2 - Bronze Ambassador

Stage 3 - Silver Ambassador

Stage 4 - Gold Ambassador

Stage 5 - Diamond Ambassador

Elite Ambassador

Entry fee is a onetime payment of $40. Referral bonus of 20%, that is, $8 is paid to partners who recruit a new partner.

GAG: Our Services

Human Development

Goodwill Ambassadors Global

We believe that gaining financial freedom begins with human capacity development. With our human resource, we directly enhance human abilities and create opportunities with the knowledge acquired, to earn a descent living standard and make the right choice in improving their well-being.

Financial Empowerment

Goodwill Ambassadors Global

Financial empowerment is the transfer of personal money power (financial independence) to an individual. We empower our members by increasing their capacity to make money and they multiply this wealth by building an army of independent representatives (assets) that generates income for them to actualize their desired goals in life. We help move our members from financial instability to a position of financial stability and help in actualizing your dreams.

Asset(s) / Properties

Goodwill Ambassadors Global

With our unbeatable incentives we provide members with the opportunity of owning personal and home gadgets, brand new cars and properties. We make your dream a reality with our remarkable bonus packages.


Goodwill Ambassadors Global

Promoting and Creating Opportunity for Artisans online. Our mission is to empower and connect remote artisans with mindful customers. The objective is primarily to promote artisans through publicity in our global ecommerce market.

Humanitarian Support

Goodwill Ambassadors Global

"Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much." Erich Fromm. Giving is not just about making a donation. It's about making a difference.

Goodwill Ambassadors Global : FACTS FILE

Goodwill Ambassadors Global is an avenue to better my life and the lives of others positively.

In GAG you don't buy or sell any product unlike other networking companies.

With a cheap one time entry fee of $40 you are on board to earn tremendous incentives and touch humanity.

You are to introduce ONLY TWO persons who will also bring their own two persons each and you are good to go.

In GAG you earn cash daily, weekly, monthly.

We work together as a team. Unlike other MLM where uplines use downlines to climb, you grow only when your team grows.

Its a global network and you can register from any part of the world. As long as you are connected to the internet.

There is no monthly PV, no monthly purchase, or qualifying order in order to earn.

In GAG you start getting your gift bonus from stage 2. Unlike other MLM companies who place their awards at their highest stage.

GAG operates a transparent system. You can check your down lines, residual income and bonuses by yourself, using an internet enabled device.

The exchange rate in GAG is fixed and not affected by inflation or deflation. Isn't this amazing. What are you waiting for? Come and join this life changing train. Don't be left behind. Register RIGHT NOW. Don't procrastinate. Procrastination is the thief of the future. WELCOME ON BOARD!

The ten stages in Goodwill Ambassadors is your part to become a Millionaire! GAG Plan is straight forward and easy to accomplish all you need is deligence and hardwork you a Million!

GAG is not a get-rich-quick scheme; you will only become a Millionaire through hardwork.

GAG P.A.Y.S = Pays As You Speak !

GAG: Members Experiences

  • Welix Family House

    We are proud to be associated with the Goodwill Ambassador Global. Now we have our dream house a reality! No more rents and house transfers.

    Mrs. Julia Welix


  • Ecommerce Beneficiary

    I have made use of several ecommerce packages such as Shopify, but the financial burden outways the income, my membership to GAG has improved my sales over a 100% and the best part is that it is - FREE !

    Andrew Mores

    South Africa

  • Mrs. Cloer New Car

    I have driven several cars in my life: office cars, loan cars and relatives cars but this is my first gift car. No obligations, No loan to pay, No rules ! Its fun and my lovely daughters loves this car - Thanks GAG !

    Rosalind Cloer


  • The GAG Network

    Since I was introduced to GAG by Thomas, I have made more residual income than i expected and even more connections to different people all over the world. My team members are super good. I Love my team and I love GAG.

    Reuben Bublitz


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